List of authorizations for photography in The Islands of Tahiti

Immortalizing the ballet of humpback whales, taking aerial shots of breathtaking landscapes, or filming in a public place: all of these activities are governed by regulations specific to The Islands of Tahiti

  • Marine mammals as well as turtles, sharks, etc. are protected species in The Islands of Tahiti
    To observe them while respecting their tranquility, be sure to respect a few rules:

    • To occupy a tourist site in The Islands of Tahiti for professional purposes (filming, event, etc.), a prior authorization may be required. See French Polynesia Tourism Department website.
    • If you wish to take pictures on a tourist site (beaches, marae), for a professional use, send your request by mail on [email protected]
  • If you wish to take pictures and/or videos of a cultural or sports event in The Islands of Tahiti, you must first make a request to the organizers.

    You will find below a list of events regularly covered by the media and their contacts