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An Oceanic adventure… Every year, FIFO takes its festival-goers on an exploration of The Pacific. At each screening, the curtains are raised like the sails of a va’a tau’ati and the audience is taken on a journey of discovery of the vastness of Oceanic culture. Thanks to the Oceanian documentaries, our va’a crisscrosses our ocean of islands each with their own identity and linked by a common history. Under the tumu ‘ōrā of the emblematic paepae a Hiro of the Maison de la Culture, the festival speaks. It speaks, it dances and it sings the thousand-year-old ties that link all the peoples of the Pacific.
Making Oceania and its people visible to the world is the raison d’être of the FIFO: telling stories of the Pacific islands through the voice of Pacific islanders. The Festival thus offers a stage to bring their cultures to life and a voice to express their concerns. As for time and space, the promotion of films in the Pacific is without limits. After all, you can’t lock up a migrating people! After a main event hosted in the capital since it’s creation, the Festival travels through the 5 archipelagos of French Polynesia thanks to the “FIFO in the islands”. The FIFO outrigger canoe also travels throughout the Pacific and as far as the West, as part of “FIFO Outside the Walls”, thanks to the links tied  over the years with Oceania and documentary enthusiasts around the world.

A multi-faceted event, the FIFO offers an exceptional program every year:

– a special selection of documentary films about Oceania,

– an evening dedicated to short fiction films,

– an evening dedicated to short documentary films, a review that showcases of the peoples and countries that make up the Oceania of the 21st century,

– a symposium, an essential meeting place for Oceania’s television channels,

– Pitch Dating, a highlight of the program that allows everyone to learn and practice pitching,

– and always a unique program of meetings, workshops, conferences and events to discover in February 2022.

FIFO 2023 promises to be an even more exciting, authentic and rich adventure. However, the current context and the health situation that we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year 2020 forces us to adapt the festival’s programming. After a 100% digital FIFO in 2021, we are currently preparing a hybrid version of the festival with a face-to-face program almost entirely in digital format to allow our cousins in the Pacific to enjoy it as well.

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Organizer: Association du Festival International du Film documentaire Océanien (AFIFO)

Place: Tahiti, Papeete
Phone: (689) (Mareva Leu)
Email address: [email protected]
Website :
Facebook : fifo.officiel
Youtube : FIFOTahiti