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Bem-vindo ao Villa Mitirapa

Villa Mitirapa offers you 4 villas each equipped with 2 bedrooms and a private bathroom with a view on its private pool.

Spacious and comfortable, our villas have been designed to offer a constant view of the lagoon and the island of Tahiti, to preserve the privacy of their occupants while letting nature invade their living spaces.

The Presqu’île

Connected to Tahiti Nui by the isthmus of Taravao, the peninsula, also called Taiarapu, has preserved its authenticity, its character and the values of the Polynesian way of life. The soothing virtues of a quiet life can be felt immediately and the change of scenery is total, without being constrained in your escape by plane or boat schedules.

It is not possible to drive around the peninsula: indeed, the road stops in the beautiful village of Tautira on the east coast and Teahupoo on the west coast precisely where the legendary Havae wave takes place. Further on, it is the fenua aihere and the cliffs of Pari which are worth seeing on foot or by boat.

Tahiti Iti, the serene one, has nevertheless made some concessions to the modern world. You will find in the small town that has become Taravao almost everything that Papeete can offer, minus the hustle and bustle: large commercial signs or shopping malls housing various stores, restaurants, pharmacies…

Te Au’a Point

Te Au’a Point is located in the commune of Toahotu, 3 km from the center of Taravao, one hour’s drive from Papeete. It closes the Bay of Phaeton to the South, a privileged spawning ground for marine fauna. Our villas offer a rare view of the mountainous massifs of lush Tahiti Nui, giving you the impression of having left it…while still being there.

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